Innovative Home Inspection Services

Offering you many different options when it comes to your home inspection needs. From the full written report to a walk through consultation, Innovative Home Inspection Services is prepared to help you with your real estate needs.


Purchase Inspection

After you have made your offer and it has been accepted, there is generally a 10 day inspection period to schedule and perform the home inspection.  Once you have an accepted offer in hand, contact us and we will get you scheduled.

Home Maintenance Inspections

This can either come in the form of a written report or a verbal consultation.  This is meant to give your home a check up because there are many places in your home you don’t see or go into.  If you have been in your home for more than 5 years, it is time to have it checked out.  Your home is your biggest investment, let Innovative Home Inspections help you keep it in excellent shape.

Listing Inspections

Want to sell your house and may be nervous about what the buyers inspector might find?  Take the guess work out of it before hand.  We can either provide you with a written report or a verbal consultation and help you be prepared to put your house on the market worry free. 

New Construction Inspections

It is often asked if a new house should be inspected.  The answer is always YES.  Innovative Home Inspection Services will work on your behalf to help you create a final list of repairs for your builder.  In the process of building a new home there are multiple sub contractors that enter the work site and as hard as the Builder tries, they don’t always catch the mistakes made by their sub contractors.  This is where we bridge that gap to insure your new home is move in ready.

Warranty Inspections

Most builders offer a 1 year warranty with their homes.  This is an opportunity for Innovative Home Inspection Services to go through your property and make a final check list for your builder before your warranty expires.  This is also a great option if you did not have an initial inspection.  

Thermal Imaging

This is a must have tool for any inspector.  Thermal imaging allows us to see temperature differences. When interpreting the information the camera gives us, it  allows us to make determination on what we are seeing from missing insulation to a wet spot on a ceiling beneath the upstairs bathroom.  It is included in every inspection.

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